TyM Asociados | AWARDS
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TYM asociados is one of the Architecture firms with the biggest number of

acknowledgements and awards in Spain:


›› Universal Accesibility award, awarded for its effort in designing buildings

that are sensitive to the access and mobility of people with disabilities.

›› Visesa XXI award, that assesses its commitment to the development

of environmentally respectful buildings and the integration of healthy

energetic measures.

›› FNMC of Spainaward, to the building that best integrates energetic

sustainable measures and that acquires the best energy efficiency balance.

The number first prizes awarded by TYM asociados’ designed and/or constructed

buildings goes above 50 awards. The projects awarded include hotels, sports and shows’

centers, hospitals, schools and special acknowledgements to TYM’s sustainable and

energetically efficient buildings.

The last awarded:


›› Reyno de Navarra Arena


›› Conservatory and Symphony Orchestra of Navarra Headquarters


›› Emergency Hospital complex of Navarra


›› Indoor Cycle track Miguel Indurain of Navarra


›› State-run Hotel in Villablino


›› Multifunctional and covered bullring in Eibar


›› Healthcare Complex San Millán in LogroñoLAMP and the consultancy firm ALS.