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TYM asociados devotes part of its resources to R+D. Currently TYM asociados participates in:


›› PAC-ENERCAL program, in collaboration with entities such as CENERCIEMAT or the Center of Electronic Research at the State University of Navarra.


›› Design and Copyright of the lamp “Reyno”, in collaboration with the company LAMP and the consultancy firm ALS.


TYM asociados, in collaboration with the Austrian company Wagner-Biró has developed the World’s greatest retractable platform for spectators, at the Reyno de Navarra Arena.


It is also developing several sustainability research issues that have been presented in different international conferences such as European Conference on Energy Efficiency and sustainability in architecture and planning, or CIBARQ 10, Low carbon Cities, international conference on architecture, city and energy and that have been awarded with several efficiency and sustainability prizes such as VISESA XXI or the one from FNMC to the best sustainable building.